About Lockaway

Since 1989, Lockaway Self Storage has been the right choice for your moving and storage solutions. Our unique Brooklyn public self-storage facility features and the commitment of our self-storage professionals help ensure we will always be the right choice.

Lockaway Self Storage, located in Brooklyn, is the largest mini self storage facility in the NYC tri-state area. We have 1,084 mini storage spaces in a wide variety of sizes, all with 9-foot ceilings. Some basement rooms even have 12-foot ceilings. That’s at least 2 to 4 feet higher than most storage units, so you get more space for your money. We also have a spacious 22,000-foot enclosed parking and loading area, so you can park off the street. We also provide parking for truck, trailer, car, boat and RV storage. Stop by our secure public storage facility to reserve your unit today!

Mr.Key, Our Mascot.

Mr. Key has been our mascot since 2006. As your loyal friend for over a decade, Mr. Key is ready to unlock incredible storage solutions for you and your family